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Launchpads (Token Sales)

"IDO" (Initial Dex Offering) is a new model of token sale pioneered by SnapEx Defi. Here's how it works, in short:
  • Users buy SNAP token and stake in Pools
  • Users Join Pool with BUSD
  • 24H refund if the token price fall below IDO price after listing.
Learn more about how IDOs work here.
  • Please don't email us to apply - we only respond to applications via the application form.
  • Please don't chase us for a response to your application. We have a constant backlog of quality projects reaching out to us.​
Something else: You can shoot us an email at [email protected] if the above parts don't cover your questions really don't help you. Please don't try to contact us via this email for customer support, that's not what it's for: your best option for getting help with the product is via the Telegram community.