SnapEx DeFi

Claim and Unstake

After Staking your tokens you can follow this guide to claim your rewards and unstake the tokens.


  1. 1.
    Click on the Withdraw Tab in the staking pool section.
You will able to see how much Avaliable for Claimming and how much avaliable for Unstaking.
For Claim, the amount is auto filled and you can click on Claim button and after confrim on Metamask Wallet, the reward will send to your Metamask Wallet.


For Unstake, you can input the amount you wish the unstake and click on Unstake button
After confrim on Metamask Wallet, the token will send to your Metamask Wallet.
Some Staking Poll has a Lock up Period, during the Lock up period, the unstake button will show Locked. You are able to see the Current Block count and Unlock Block below. To learn more about Block Height you can follow this link.
If you do not wish to Lock your Token, please read carefully on the Pool information before you Stake your token, as it is DEFI our team cannot able to help you unlock your tokens during the lockup period.