SnapEx DeFi

Staking on SnapEx for Binance Smart Chain Pools — Guide

SNAPEX’s Staking services are now on BSC! This guide serves as an explainer for our Snappers on how to access BSC which we have divided into 2 parts: configuring your Metamask wallet and joining pools. As our first staking pool on BSC, we will be using /BNB LP as an example in the following guide.
· Setup the your address for BSC on Metamask if you haven’t already, click here for details
· Obtain LP tokens from PancakeSwap, SNAP/BNB by providing liquidity to the SNAP/BNB pool.
· Go to , find the SNAP/BNB LP pool and confirm staking your LP tokens
1. How to setup your BSC wallet on Metamask
Network Name: BSC Mainnet
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
Then press “Save”
Congratulations!! Now Your Metamask connected to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!
Once you have successfully completed the configuration you can use the same wallet address to interact with Binance Smart Chain.
2.Obtain BSC LP tokens from PancakeSwap
Insert the amount of BNB and SNAP token you are willing to stake, then click "Enable SNAP" and "Supply.
For further information please refer to Binance’s guide on PancakeSwap here and read the section on Adding liquidity.

Staking your BSC PancakeSwap LP Tokens

If you are joining an LP pool, you must first obtain LP tokens from PancakeSwap, for example SNAP/BNB by providing liquidity to the SNAP/BNB pool.
Go to and make sure you are connecting with a BSC supported wallet and click on the “change to BSC” button on the top right hand corner of the screen.
1.Approving the contract
Before participating to the Staking, you need to approve the Token, click on Appove on the dashboard and click confrim on the Metamask.
2. Insert amount and Stake
After approve complete the approve button will turn Orange and show Approved. You can now insert the amount of the token you desire and click on Deposit & Stake. Once the Metamask page appear click on confrim on the Metamask Page.
Congratulations! You have now successfully staked your tokens!
Unstake: When you want to claim your rewards or to unstake your tokens, you can return to our staking page where you will see the options to claim and withdraw your tokens as well as to unstake.