SnapEx DeFi

SnapEx Launchpad Tiers

On SnapEx, we want to give everyone a fair chance to participate on projects launching on SnapEx, just by holding SNAP Tokens.
Guaranteed Whitelist
The process is straightforward and simple. Users just need to hold certain numbers of SNAP tokens in accordance with the tiers. When there is a new project launching on SnapEx, users just need to submit the SnapEx UID/ wallet address for the whitelist and the allocations will be guaranteed based on the number of SNAP tokens held by the users.
Tiers System
According to the number of SNAP tokens held by the users, users will be "allocated” into different tiers, where the higher tier holders will have more privileges in participating in early rounds and higher allocation size. First Come First Serve (FCFS) The actual sales of projects will run on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis for the whitelisted participants following the tiers. For example, Gold members can participate in Gold round and the subsequent rounds (Silver, Bronze, Public) and Silver members can participate in Silver round and the subsequent rounds (Bronze, Public) This tier system is being carried out to ensure fairness in distributing IDO/IEO tokens so that all participants can acquire them with ease without a single party fetching a high percentage of supply, prevent the system from being gamed and increase the value of SNAP tokens.